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The Challenges for Drug Discovery Startups

It has become increasingly difficult for drug-discovery startups to obtain funding. Driving this are a variety of problems:
  • Increased initial capital requirements
  • Increased competition, making speed to market a more critical factor
  • Increased complexity of running a drug-discovery business
  • Skeptical investors
Pharma Launcher addresses all of these problems to improve your chances of getting funded.

Reduce Your Need for Initial Capital Investment

The traditional model for drug-discovery startups requires substantial infrastructure build out for the scientific support services required for drug discovery: medicinal chemistry, in vitro ADMET, and in vivo preclinical research. Costly capital equipment must be acquired and well-paid scientific personnel must be recruited. Both of these represent large up-front costs. Further, expensive lab space must be leased and costly leasehold improvements are often required.

Pharma Launcher changes this economic equation by converting the largest portion of these expenses from ones where initial investment is required into ones that are paid for over time and on an as-needed basis. Instead of your having to build these support functions, Pharma Launcher allows you to outsource these services, allowing the company to pay only for what it needs, when it needs it.

This economic restructuring allows you to start up using less capital. The less capital you need, the greater the ROI, and the more likely you are to get funded.

Increase Your Pace of Discovery

Building and managing all of the infrastructure to support drug discovery is a major and annoying distraction from the excitement of drug discovery. Pharma Launcher frees you up to focus on what you know and love best: drug discovery. The more time you have to devote to discovery, the faster you can get results.

Increase Investor Confidence

One reason investors are so reluctant to invest and they make the funding process so difficult and time consuming is because they have been burned by founders who have mislead them and who have withheld unsupportive data.

Pharma Launcher improves investor confidence because it operates as a form of extended due diligence by giving investors objective, third-party validated reports on efficacy and pharmacokenetics. The greater the confidence of your investors are in the data, the greater their willingness to invest.

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